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旅宿優惠方案 - 住連續五晚,第六晚免費! Check out our rates below and take advantage of our specials - stay 5 consecutive nights with us and get the 6th night free!

A roof with a view

無敵海景屋頂 - 一邊是山,一邊是海,美景盡收眼底
Enjoy the best rooftop in Dulan, with fantastic views of the village, the ocean, and Dulan Mt.

Free bicycles

If you are staying with us, bicycles are free (limited availability).

Morning coffee

Free coffee, tea and use of kitchen facilities.

私人雅房房型 Private Rooms (price/room)

哇軋力共房 Wagaligong Room

From NT$1150

  • 備有兩張雙人床. Spacious private room with two doubles.
  • 備有冷氣. Air conditioned.
  • 可睡1-4人. Sleeps from 1 to 4 persons.
  • Add NT$250 for extra mattress.
  • 1 - 2 人 PERSONS
  • NT$1150/night WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT$1250/night WEEKENDS. 一般假日
  • NT$1350/night PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$2100/night CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節
  • 3 - 4 人 PERSONS
  • NT$1450/night WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT$1550/night WEEKENDS. 一般假日
  • NT$1650/night PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$2100/night CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節

日本和室房 Yakuza Room

From NT$1150

  • 備有三張單人床. Private Japanese room with three singles.
  • 備有冷氣. Air conditioned.
  • 可睡1 - 4 人 加第四床不額外收費. Sleeps from 1 to 4 persons (if requested, fourth mattress provided).
  • 1 - 2 人 PERSONS
  • NT$1150/night WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT$1250/night WEEKENDS. 一般假日
  • NT$1350/night PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$2100/night CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節
  • 3 - 4 人 PERSONS
  • NT$1450/night WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT$1550/night WEEKENDS. 一般假日
  • NT$1650/night PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$2100/night CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節

基本雙人房 Shanty Room

From NT$950

  • 備有兩張雙人床. Cozy private room with one double.
  • 備有冷氣. Air conditioned.
  • 可睡1 - 2 人. Sleeps from 1 to 2 persons.
  • NT$950/night WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT1050/night WEEKENDS. 假日
  • NT$1150/night PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$1500/night CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節

背包房房型 Shared Dorm Rooms (price/bed)

上下鋪背包房 Kaya Room


  • 男女混宿,也可限女性(需先備註詢問). Mixed dorm which can be female only if requested.
  • 備有冷氣. Air conditioned.
  • 可睡1 - 4 人. Sleeps up to 4 persons.
  • NT$400/bunk WEEKDAYS. 平日
  • NT$450/bunk WEEKENDS. 一般假日
  • NT$500/bunk PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$600/bunk CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節

瑜珈通鋪房 Yoga Room


  • 男女混宿. Mixed dorm for budget travelers.
  • 不備冷氣. No air conditioning.
  • 可睡至8人. Sleeps up to 8 persons.
  • NT$300/mattress WEEKDAYS/WEEKENDS. 平日及一般假日
  • NT$350/mattress PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 國定假日
  • NT$500/mattress. CHINESE NEW YEAR. 農曆春節

屋頂露營 Camping with a view (PRICE/PERSON)

自備帳篷 Own tent


  • 備有簡易寢具
  • We provide camping spot and bedding.
  • 美麗的屋頂及山海景
  • Beautiful rooftop views of Dulan Village, the Pacific Ocean and Dulan Mountain.
  • NT$250/person WEEKDAYS/WEEKENDS. 人/不限平日假日
  • NT$350/person PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 人/國定假日
  • NT$450/person. CHINESE NEW YEAR. 人/農曆春節

租帳篷 Rent a tent


  • 備有帳篷及簡易寢具
  • We provide camping spot, tent and bedding.
  • 美麗的屋頂及山海景
  • Beautiful rooftop views of Dulan Village, the Pacific Ocean and Dulan Mountain.
  • NT$400/person WEEKDAYS/WEEKENDS. 人/不限平日假日
  • NT$500/person PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. 人/國定假日
  • NT$600/person. CHINESE NEW YEAR. 人/農曆春節

Long term rates

Are you staying for a month or longer? Check out our long term (30 night) rates! Please note: Long term rates do not include public holidays.

Wagaligong & Yakuza Rooms

NT$18000 (works out to NT$600/night)

Shanty Room

NT$15000 (works out to NT$500/night)

Kaya Room

NT$8000 (works out to NT$267/night)

Yoga Room

NT$6000 (works out to NT$200/night)

Guest Reviews

What people thought about our hostel

Awesome choice to stay in Dulan, with all the great people, beautiful and professional SUP coach, delicious foods, i had great time in Wagaligong, definitely will visit again!

曹純綺 (Taiwan)

Super nice hostel! Friendly staff and chill atmosphere 🙂 I can recommend the tent at the rooftop! I also enjoyed the surf lesson of Mark, he is a great surf teacher. Would love to come back here one day!

Mirjam Quaak (Holland)

this is a good place for stay and surfing

Amber Yeh (China)

Beautiful view, food and drink.

Nikki Lin (Taiwan)

awesome place
hospitality host, we have really good memory in Taitung in 2019 new year

Clement Huang (Taiwan)

The bosses are very friendly and the environment is comfortable
The meals are delicious and the surfing is very professional.

鄭建雄 (Taiwan)

what a place for chill and surfing

Kenz Lim (Malaysia)

great hostel, close to the beach, beautiful place
5 stars

Matthew Gill (USA)

Having a nice surf lesson here!
It was my first time and it was fun, safe and very interesting with coach Mark and Yong-yi!
If you want to stay in Dulan for a few days, here will be a good choice, with a kitchen and a small refrigerator where you can cook if you want to.

Daisy Chiu (Taiwan)

Very chilled place full of nice international staff and relaxed atmosphere! Accomodation suitable for all range of travellers from humble backpackers to demanding couples or groups. Perfect place for surfers! Marc’s lessons are the best, very enthusiastic guy. Restaurant is also great, especially enjoyed the burger! Highly recommended

Tomáš Hruška (Czech Republic)

so damn good, I love it!

Daniel Wu

great hostel, close to the beach, beautiful place

Mathew Gill (United States)

老闆Mark 很帥
The helpers who work part-time are very cute
Boss Mark is very handsome

朱文玲 (Taiwan)

What can i say that this place doesn’t ALREADY give/show/tell/make-u-feel, the moment u walk in.
From the great bar atmosphere, to the delicious pizzas and boerewors rolls, the clean rooms and amazing owners and staff. I can highly recommend this to anyone looking for that holiday vibe that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and makes u remember, life should be lived.
It’s a shame i can only stay for 4 days.
Next time, week minimum.

Almero Steenkamp (South Africa)

滿滿的人情味,輕鬆愉快的環境,限量好吃的漢堡,還有偶爾出現的史上最好吃烤肉淋Blue cheese 醬

<Full of human touch, a pleasant and pleasant environment, a limited and delicious burger, and  the best blue cheese in the history of the world.>

Alvin Chang (Taiwan)

It’s a great place to stay here! super nice people, great vibe, delicious food, nice and clean rooms and some great surf spots nearby! wish to stay here longer but also like to explore more of Taiwan. Really can recommend this place to everybody!

Melanie Keller (Switzerland)


Lin Yi Chieh (Taiwan)

餐點太神啦 老闆娘又超正 你怎麼能不來

<It’s amazing! How can you not come?>

張淯勝 (Taiwan)


<The boss and the little helpers are super-friendly and food is delicious!>

薛幼歆 (Taiwan)

Awesome choice to stay in Dulan, with all the great people, beautiful and professional SUP coach, delicious foods, i had great time in Wagaligong, definitely will visit again!

Dori Tsao (Taiwan)


李婉綾 (Taiwan)

老闆 老闆娘都很熱情,價格公道,服務滿分
下次想試試SUP板, 希望能快點再找你們玩~

Fang Kuei Wu (Taiwan)

I had a surfing lesson with Mark and another visitor. It was my 3rd surfing lesson ever, but I found his emphasis on safety and understanding shoreline geography impressive. He really wants his students to know how to be safe and not become surfing casualties. He wants to make sure you feel comfortable enough in the sea waves so that you won’t panic – panic can cause more problems! I thought he was a really great teacher; understanding, patient, and encouraging.

Elissa Clumpner (United States)

Best surf lesson you can get in Taidong, or Taiwan! Mark was a fantastic teacher, take good care for us all the time, care about all the details and very patient. In the end of the class all of us can stand on board and surf few waves successfully. It was a very wonderful day!

Cindy Chang (Taiwan)

我喜歡Mark. 教練的課程,在教課程中會用輕鬆的方式讓你不緊張,同時在講解過程中也很仔細,一步一步帶著很快就學會衝浪!

<I like mark. Coach’s course, it will be easy for you to be relaxed in the course of teaching. At the same time, during the theory briefing, emphasis is on safety.>

Kira Shinn (Taiwan)

I only stayed two nights but I’ve decided I want to get back sometime. The people I met there were about 1/2 foreigners, 1/2 Taiwanese. I stayed in the Kaya room (thank goodness for a/c!) I didn’t feel well at one point and one of the workstay girls helped me buy medicine – all I had to do was ask! Pillows, a sheet, and blanket were provided, and I paid NT100 to rent a towel for my time there. I couldn’t stay longer but I hope to go back when it is not QUITE so hot, so I can enjoy the great location and WaGaLiGong waterman lessons/rental more.
I also really recommend the surf lesson with Mark – it was my 3rd lesson ever, and I found his emphasis on safety and comprehension of shoreline geography really helpful and important. Surfing can be dangerous and you need to know how to keep yourself safe! Thank you all!
p.s. Fellow pale people, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen……

Ellisa Clumpner (United States)

Pizza 非。常。好。吃!!

<Pizza Non. Often. Okay. Eat!!
Unique Flavours and real ingredients, there will be a chance for other flavors.
As for first-time learning surfers, coach training is very complete, from attention to water flow and how to avoid accidents, and to be patient with the actual practice at sea.
Thank you friend for the recommendation, let me know all the beautiful sea and hotel everyone.
Hopefully next year, there will be a chance to visit again >

Guagua Huang (Taiwan)

On this trip I’ve spent nine months in Taiwan, China, and Mexico. I think I have to say that little Dulan, and especially WaGaLiGong was my favourite part of the trip. In fact I’m working on a plan to get back there soon and stay longer! What a cool town, what a cool hostel, and what cool people!!

Andrew Dunbar (Australia)

This place is awesome! Mark and Yong-Yi rock. Pure vibes, happy days, total chill. What more could you ask for x

Phil Skins (United Kingdom)

Thanks everyone for a great stay! Had a blast and will be back in future for sure.

Justin Lambie (New Zealand)

Great place to hang out in dulan and learn to surf! Verry social and has a nice bar and roof terrace.

Daniel Hoornweg (Holland)

The boss and the lady boss are very friendly!

佛朗銘哥 (Taiwan)

Love it

Jason Pai (Taiwan)

Great place and outstanding surf lessons! Super friendly and helpful owners

Delphine Pilate (Belgium)

Must stop here if you are travelling taiwan! Beautiful area with an awesome vibe!! Big up!!
5 stars

De Nardo

It’s only 2 days since I left and I already want to go back… All the staff is amazing… Location is great for surfing. Mark knows everything about surfing Taiwan, thanks for a great stay.

Peter Stroebech (Denmark)

This is a good place to hang out and sleep. Nice people, helpful, positive and I’d go back.

Nick Magasic (Australia)

老闆&老闆娘非常Nice, 學衝浪順便學英文,海灘好棒
The boss & the boss lady are very nice, learn surfing and learn English by the way, the beach is great

James C. Huang (Taiwan)

Best place for vacation

曹庭輔 (Taiwan)

Great place with an awesome vibe. Best place to hang out at night in Dulan and best choice for surfing lesson

Federico Davicino (Spain)

Great place!!! Will be back soon!!! Highly recommended!!!

Deike Lautenschläger (Germany)

A place with magical magic

Akimo Shih (Taiwan)

The boss and little helpers are very friendly, and the food is super delicious!

Zoe Syue (Taiwan)

Absolutely amazing hostel. I stayed here whilst attending a surf contest. The boss Mark is a legend with a great sense of humour and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The beds are comfy and the place is spotless. What more could you want! I will definitely be checking in again next year and I look forward to it. 10/10

Craig J. Butler (Ireland)

We stayed 3 nights ( as a family) at the Wagaligong and had a great time!! The surfing in Dulan was definitely one of our highlights in the trip. Mark is an amazing professional surfing instructor and we enjoyed each moment with him. All the Wagaligong team including Mela, Mark, Tienie, his sweet wife, Emily and all the volunteers were so nice and helpful and though the place is simple with shared bathroom, it’s clean, convenient and our kids felt at home.

Michal Eshkol (Israel)

The best place to stay in Dulan

Ashley Chen (Taiwan)

It’s a nice place.
We learned too late to know that the boss offers surfing.
Next time I’ll have to take my son

Sunny Lee (Taiwan)

Such a beautiful place, 怎麼可以不來呢?
Such a beautiful place, how can you not come?

Victoria Lin (Taiwan)

Stayed at the hostel for 4 days/3 nights, and loved every second of it. Taitung itself is beautiful and the Dulan locale is a comfy little village tucked away not five minutes from the beach where you can (learn to) surf, free dive, or just chill. A lot of travelers from all over the world (and Taiwan itself) came through the hostel while I was there, and every night we had a great time drinking, talking, singing, and hanging out with the locals.

Mark was a fantastic surf instructor and really made sure that I, as a beginner, understood the fundamentals of surfing and what I was doing. Tienie and Mark are both great guys that make sure you’re having a good time, and it really was a pleasure getting to know them.

And if you’ve ever wanted to wake up to a South African man singing to you softly about being one with the ocean and catching waves (or if you just now realized that that’s something you want), I can’t strongly enough recommend WaGaLiGong.

Kevin Huang (California)

Stayed here for three nights and enjoyed every moment of it. Mark is a fantastic surf instructor, and as a beginner, he made sure I was comfortable with not only how to perform the fundamentals but also the theory of it all. (They also provide wind surfing, free diving, and other water sport lessons)

At night the hostel is usually alive with locals, expats, and foreigners all coming together to drink, sing, and talk, becoming its own little melting pot. It is evident that Mark and his partner Tienie really take pride in ensuring everyone is having a great time. This place was far superior to my experiences in Kenting and Yilan, and I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to surf and/or simply relax.

Andrew Lin (Taiwan)

老闆的Pizza 非常 cheesy,這次很幸運有遇到烤肉日,好吃到很想問醃肉祕方…
The boss is so passionate, the children are super cute, the boss lady is super nice and very friendly!
The Boss’s pizza is very cheesy, this time lucky to have met barbecue day, so delicious to ask the secret recipe for marinated meat…
I happen to have my first yoga class, hope to have classes again next time!
Relaxing and fun place

YC Lai (Taiwan)

My wife and I have been coming here for the past year. We have gained a loyalty to this hostel because of the friendly people, wonderful accommodations, and delicious food. Dulan is a fine village to visit with both the mountains and the beach readily accessible. Mark and Tienie are wonderful hosts who are willing to help you with anything. The rooms are quite nice, and we definitely will continue to return as long as we’re living in Taiwan.

Timothy Click (United States)

Great hospitality. Friendly and professional staff. Relaxing environment.

Graeme Charles (South Africa)

Reluctant to leave this place. Very humane place

林婉晴 (Taiwan)

Best place in Dulan!

Pomin Kim (Korea)

Very comfortable and clean ~ and close to the seaside, awesome!

Irene Chen (Taiwan)

The room is clean and comfortable
Everyone is very kind

Yuki Cho (Taiwan)

Loved the place! And Mark gave a super surf lesson to my kids, they are asking for more now… Pizza was delicious as well.

Kati Mustonen (Belgium)

Great place to relax and talk to so many nice people.

Ching Yu Hsu (Taiwan)

Very interesting pizzas with banana topping, or blue cheese, and other South African dishes.. And if you are here, you definitely need to have a drink with the owner and the locals until late at night..

Marko Jovic (Slovenia)

Wagaligong was my second home for 3 months. I loved it, and it was hard to leave. I was treated like a part of the family and will never forget my time there. thanks for the good times.
-a travelling chef-

Antoine Mimoon (France)

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