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Lady of the Ocean

Early in 2020, Dulan’s favorite indie rock band Outlet Drift approached us to produce a music video for the the title track of their new album ‘Lady of the Ocean’. When your friends and idols ask you to make a music video for them, it’s difficult to say no. We have known the band since their humble beginnings over a decade ago. They play a unique and interesting infusion of punk, metal and indie with strong aboriginal undertones. And when they play live they always bring the house down. So when Putad (their bassist) and her husband Gabe (great surfer and musician in his own right) approached us with the offer to work together, it was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

For the full story, check out our blog post here.


Follow us as we document our favorite surf, skate, windsurf, or spearfishing sessions with WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Camp. Sessions are short films (usually one to three minutes long), while mixtapes are longer ( ten to twenty minute mixes) and show the best of what we have to offer in multiple disciplines.

MixTape Vol2 - Adventures in flow

Seven things to do in Dulan - Sessions - MixTape Vol2. A collection of new and old footage focused around surf, skate, SUP, windsurf, wingfoil, music and film.
Film - the story behind Outlet's Drift's Lady of the Ocean music video.
Breathe - freediving with the local spearos to catch fish.
Onda - Portuguese for 'wave" , Brazilian Gabe Gras plays with a few.
What's SUP Dulan? Yong-yi Chen stand up paddling in waves and on tour.
Wind - windsurf and wingfoil action, past and present.
My Ear - Peter Brown, storm survivor and buffalo rider, conjures up some Southern-style Pidgin Chinglish rap - a doodle - do. Nobody quite makes music feel like such an art.
Solid Liquid - backyard ramps, typhoon sessions and graveyard shifts.
Rock on - Dulan rockers 'Atoa" play two songs. Cigarettes (recorded) and Pretty Birds (live on WGLG's rooftop).


WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Camp presents a mixed bag of tricks with Sessions - MixTape (Vol 1).
WGLG is lucky to have friends who do a whole bunch of stuff on and off the water, depending on the available conditions: waves, wind, concrete, mini ramps, fishable reefs, and garage jam nights. 'MixTape' is a hotpot of old, new, go pro, drone and smartphone footage. From spearfishing 20-kilo-plus giant trevally, in-the-pocket closeups of surfing and skating, to flying along the waves being pushed by the wind during monsoon season. Check out Sessions - MixTape!



July 24, 2023. A couple waves courtesy of typhoon Doksuri before everything got shut down.
A.M. - SUP surf at Elephant Point, Dulan. Empty line up. Fun.
P.M. - fin plugs on my 5'7" buggered so took out the back up banana egg 6'6". Fun session in some pretty far from perfect wonky waves.

Sólido Líquido

WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House presents Sólido Líquido, our latest surf film in the 'Sessions' series. Gabriel Gras, Matt Hayward, Tim Koens and Mark Jackson ride the liquid and the solid. Gras, one of Taitung’s best barrel surfers, comfortably pops in and out of them and makes it look too easy.
Surfing and skateboarding have always had a special relationship. They have always influenced each other and fed off of each other’s energy and ideas. Expect to see more skate and surf sessions in the near future. Watch Sólido Líquido now!


WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House was at this sweet session in September 2017 with Gabriel Gras ripping some point break waves.


Good times at WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House.
A couple of waves courtesy of Aunt Trami this October. We had a super fun surf session at one of our favorite point breaks. Some of our students surfed a point for the first time.

37 seconds in South Africa

A couple waves in surf-rich South Africa.


Rough (Foil) Cuts

When the wind is too light for windsurfing, or the waves too small or messy, it's time to go wingfoiling. Some rough cuts of wingfoiling in Dulan, Taiwan. What happens when your wing's leading edge bladder bursts half a mile out to sea? Watch Rough (Foil) Cuts to find out!
WaGaLiGong is now adding wingfoil tours and downwinders to our already established water sports menu of coaching and guiding (surf, SUP surf, SUP tours, advanced windsurfing). Our lessons and tours are based on years of experience in the ocean practicing what we do for fun. Contact us for more details.


Rough cut from Sunday (4/18) at Jinzun.
Near collision: 曾映皓 - sorry bro I owe you a beer!
Setup: Severne Mako 79l and Severne Blade 4.0
Wind: 25 knots and up
Wave: Head high to logo on the sets/ Bumpy outside the bunker, and getting smooth as silk further inshore at Leftovers.


First sessions on the Severne Nano V2. Super light wind, ranging from 10 to 18 knots and small, fun waves. Was using the 77l and Severne Blade 5.0.
WaGaLiGong Dulan is stoked to now be working with Severne and the guys (Howard and Alex) at Liquid Sports in Penghu.


Windsurfing session at Dulan Point. The Anemoi (wind gods in Greek mythology) have been specially busy this year, blessing us with some fantastic windsurfing sessions.


When the wind is howling let WaGaLiGong take you out windsurfing at our backyard spots.


Another session at WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House.
Everyone remembers that special session, whether it be on a skateboard, a surfboard, windsurfing or spearfishing. In between sessions, we dream about the last session, and anticipate the next one. The session is everything. In this episode of "Sessions" Howard Chang punts a real aerial (6 foot?) on a windsurfer (!), Gabriel Gras and David A. Hays get barreled.



Stand Up Paddle Surf session in Dulan. A few fun waves out front of our surf hostel with WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House. Dulan has to be one of the best places to SUP in Taiwan, with so many choices nearby - a point break, beach break, and rivermouth. Plus it's never that crowded which is a huge bonus!



It's February 19th, 2019. Taiwan's Lantern Festival is in full swing island-wide. But in Taitung, a small city on Taiwan's East coast, things are about to get hotter..and stranger. 在今年的二月十九號也就是元宵節,在台灣東部一個小城市如火如荼的進行..事情變得有點奇怪了
A group of young redemption-seeking Taoist Han Dan's prepare to get voluntarily burnt by firecrackers while riding the sacred sedan chair, with hundreds looking on. While photographic journalist Daniel Paiero documents the festival, local heroes, post-punk band Outlet Drift, take to the stage in the center of the city. The crowd, like blood-thirsty Romans at the colosseum, grows increasingly impatient and want to see Han Dans getting cooked alive. But when Outlet Drift starts their set, and the temple boys start playing with fire, the city loses control and all hell breaks loose. 有一群年輕的寒單爺,他們正準備自願上椅轎,在眾目睽睽下希望藉由鞭炮的洗禮被救贖。這一切都被一位攝影記者Daniel Paiero 的相機底下被記錄了下來.. 當大家都在各自準備著這個神聖的儀式的時候,當地龐克樂團漂流出口開始在城市中的舞台開唱,隨著音樂的起舞,所有的群眾像是在羅馬競技場中開始變得無比的焦躁,渴望看到椅轎上的年輕寒單被活活炸掉,廟宇的人們開始瘋狂的玩火,整個城市淪陷並失去控制...

Archipelago Web Series

No man is an island..or is he? The setting is Taiwan's beautiful east coast, in an aboriginal village called Dulan. 'Archipelago' is a web series with several major themes: art, music, and the ocean. The series focuses on certain individuals who draw inspiration from, or have a dependence on, the sea. Why do artists, musicians and watermen from such diverse backgrounds and nationalities, gravitate towards this specific place, the tiny village of Dulan on Taiwan's east coast? One of our films, 'Archipelago: Track Four - Siki Sufin' was accepted in the 2014 Austronesian Arts Festival (made during the one month artist residency period) and won second place. The film has subsequently been shown at several events, including the 2015 Hualien Land Arts Festival, the 2016 Urban Nomad Film Festival in the short film category ('We Just Live Here'), and at Siki Sufin's 2016 Taipei exhibition 'The Flying Wings, The Journeyed Souls". "Monsoon", was a fun personal project about windsurfing, a pizza chef, and an olympian athlete. After submitting a 5-minute version of the film to the 2017 Taiwan East Coast Land Art Video Contest, it received the Gold Award. Scroll down to view the complete collection of the Archipelago webseries (in order), including a 5 minute teaser to 'Atoa', the 6th Track in the Archipelago which is currently in production.

Archipelago: Track One - Alvaro Trugeda (No man is an island)

In the first episode, or 'track' (Track One - Alvaro Trugeda), Spanish artist Alvaro introduces himself and others as 'islands' in the 'archipelago', using poetry, art and music as his medium. Director Mark Jackson was inspired by the metaphor of individuals (islands) and community (the archipelago) with the ocean as link between. Says Mark: "All these characters, or islands as I like to put it, have some kind of relationship or dependence on the nature here, and particularly the ocean. Dulan in particular is a microcosm of a fascinating community of diverse individuals from all corners of the globe, co-existing. And that co-existence, although wonderful and inspirational at times, isn't always like that. Just like the sea, it can be stormy and inharmonious at times, but it's fascinating nonetheless and reflects so many themes in humanity as a whole." Follow up episodes will focus on a wide variety of individuals, from surfers to woodcarvers to musicians and fishermen. Includes original music written and composed entirely by local and foreign musicians with some connection to the project.

Archipelago: Track two - Randy Chang (Surfing and the Violin)

"群島"是一個網路短片多部曲、其主題為藝術、音樂、和海洋、它著重在某些台灣東部以­海為伴的音樂人物、而這些人物的靈感經常來自於大海。 "群島"第二部曲的重點放在衝浪音樂人Randy Chang。Randy 在過去的十年中花了他大部份的時間在台灣各地方追浪、他去的地點包含楓港跟成功、他尋­浪跟衝浪棄而不舍的精神是眾人所知的。Randy 曾創造一項驚人的記錄就是他在成功從日出衝到日落連續11個半小時、中間都沒有休息、­並且只吃了一個他帶下去的蘋果! 除了是台灣最熱衷的浪人之一、Randy也是音樂的愛好者、並精通於小提琴與吉他。影­片中除了談論到衝浪跟小提琴的本質是如何相通的、也會看到Randy, Ry Craike, and Casey Furtado在台東、楓港、歐洲、印尼的衝浪片段。值得一提的是片中的音樂是由一群­國內外浪人與音樂家的共同創作。

Episode two in the 'Archipelago' web series centers around Taiwanese surfer and musician Randy Chang. Randy has spent the best part of the previous decade chasing surf all over Taiwan, from Fonggang to Chenggong. He is well known for spending hours driving and searching for swell, and the story goes that he once surfed Chenggong from dawn till dusk without rest, with only an apple stuffed into his wetsuit. Apart from being one of Taiwan's most passionate surfers, Randy also grew up with music, learning both the violin and guitar. Randy talks about how surfing and music are intrinsically connected.
Includes footage from Taitung, Fonggang, Europe and Indonesia, surfing by Ry Craike and Casey Furtado, and an original soundtrack composed by musicians, foreign and local, who are connected in some way to the project.

Archipelago: track three - Joel Joel (Poet and Painter)

Archipelago: Track Three - Joel Joel 'Poet and Painter' showcases British artist Tim Joel's older work. Tim was drawn here many years ago because, as he puts it "the seeds of ideas grow faster". Joel's poetry and art are used to document his artistic journey, from Thailand to Taitung, which he called home for many years. Although Tim does not reside in Taitung anymore, his art and legacy remain.
Includes original music written and composed entirely by local and foreign musicians with some connection to the project.

ARCHIPELAGO: track four - Siki Sufin (Earth, Wood, Water, Song)

不管你認不認識他,他是位阿美族藝術家、木匠、父親、音樂家、魚夫(其中包含更多角色­),在都蘭,Siki Sufin是這塊土地不可或缺的一份子。群島 : 第四曲,其中記錄了為南島語族駐村拍攝一個月的Siki'生命中的幾天­9;。南島國際藝術獎,在有限的時間裡我盡了最大的努力投入其中。「地」對Siki來­說代表島嶼,「水」代表河流及海洋,「木」代表¬平日生計」、「歌」代表溝通交流。我­記錄這四者間的關係,以及這些元素如何讓Siki與本族¬文化及村莊產生緊密聯繫

f you've been to Dulan you've probably met Siki. You might have watched him work at his workshop, carving wood into beautiful sculptures or furniture. He could possibly have driven past you unknowingly on his 'auto-bike', with his son Sra, on his way to buy cigarettes and beetlenut. He might even have had his homemade speargun with him and was on his way for some fishing off Dulan Point. Whether you know him or not, in Dulan, Amis sculptor, carpenter, father, musician, and fisherman (amongst many other things), Siki Sufin is a piece of the local furniture. Archipelago: Track Four, which documents a few days in the life of Siki, was mostly shot during the one month residency period for the Austronesian International Arts Festival. I tried my best to show, within a limited time, the relationship between 'earth' (or island - Siki in this case), water, the rivers and ocean), wood (the livelihood) and song (communication and legacy), and how these elements bind Siki to his culture and village.

archipelago: track four - Siki Sufin (director's cut with Chinese subtitles)

是的我有注意到我的影片過長且因為沒有中文字幕的關係使多數母語非英語的觀眾們無法理解本片(且大部分故事中的語言是阿美族語)。所以我像甩掉蜘蛛網般的剪了一些,事實上剪了很多。剪到片全長36分鐘外,也加上了中文字幕,我想現在的版本比起原版更好理解了! 非常高興本片可以被2016城市游牧影展收錄在「短片」(我在這裡呼吸著)的項目中。
再次感謝來自美國加州的Matt Mueller在本片翻譯的作業中將細微之處銜接的很棒,而這是我沒辦法做到的因此我非常推薦他的翻譯服務。
非常開心將本片做了一個結尾! 可以開始下一個新的計畫了!

Yes, I'm well aware that the original version was way too long and not understood by many non - English speakers due to an absence of Chinese subtitles (a large portion of the narration is in the Amis language). So I shook off the cobwebs and chopped it down a bit, quite a lot in fact. Cut down to 36 minutes and with Chinese subtitles, I think it's a much more watchable version of the original. Stoked that this version was accepted for viewing in the 2016 Urban Nomad Film Festival in the 'short film' category (We Just Live Here).

Thanks to Matt Mueller from California Translations who did an excellent job at bridging the gap of nuances that I never could have. I highly recommend this man's translation services.Truly happy to put this one to rest! It's time to start a new project..

archipelago: track five - Monsoon (Windsurfing in Taiwan)full version

哇軋力共出版作品- 群島:第五部曲- "季風"
"季風" 這部影片是對風浪板運動所貢獻那流失的藝術, 是一個我父親曾經強迫我(我不願意)但後來卻讓我深深愛上並由衷感恩的一項運動。
一直以來我在台灣東部地區收集了許多經典的風浪板影片片段, 而總之這部影片的概要是這樣的: 在東南部的台灣, 悶熱的夏日過後, 約是十月左右, 東北季風開始吹向陸地, 代表著季節的轉換, 東北季風可以一次吹上好幾天並尾隨一些好浪, 也吸引這小群體的風浪板玩家來到了台東。"群島第五部曲-季風" 帶給大家一個窺探兩個風浪板玩家的生活的機會- 義大利披薩大廚 Michele Ruju, 和台灣風浪板奧運國手張浩。
Michele, 是都蘭海盜披薩AJO' PIZZA 的老闆也是我的好友, 總是在做披薩時癡想著風浪板, 或是在玩風浪板時癡想著做披薩。我想表示出義大利人對食物的熱情, 以他的案例來說, 是他的披薩。
張浩, 是道地的澎湖人, 從六歲開始玩風浪板, 其中一個我見過最有天賦的運動員之一, 他身為一個專業的RS:X風浪板玩家周遊各國, 但仍然喜愛回歸到台東, 他最喜愛的風浪板浪點之一。
"季風" 也是一個很好的機會來放上一些很棒的音樂片段, 是由台東當地的風浪板玩家黃聖家-阿家在當時的都蘭糖廠的現場音樂表演。
感謝我的爸爸, 教我如何深愛風, 也謝謝我那喜愛好披薩的媽媽, 總是在我青少年時開車載我到湖邊及海邊。

"Monsoon" is a tribute to the lost art of windsurfing, a sport which my dad forced me to learn (against my will) but which later on I learned to love and appreciate. I had collected a few seasons worth of windsurfing footage in Taiwan, up and down the east coast. Anyway here's the synopsis: After sweltering hot summers in South Eastern Taiwan, around October, the monsoon winds (or Dong-bei Ji Feng) start blowing, signaling a changing of the seasons and attracting a small group of windsurfers to Taitung. It can blow for days at a time and usually brings some swell with it. "Archipelago - Monsoon" gives us a glimpse into the lives of two windsurfing addicts, Italian Pizzaiolo Michele Ruju and Taiwanese Olympic windsurfer Howard Chang. Michele, good friend and owner of AJO' PIZZA in Dulan, is either dreaming of windsurfing while making his pizza or dreaming of making pizza while out windsurfing. I wanted to show how passionate Italians can be about food, and in this case, his pizza. Howard Chang a Penghu local who started windsurfing when he was 6 years old, is one of the most talented athletes I have ever met. He travels the world as a professional RS:X windsurfing athlete, but still loves returning to Taitung on Taiwan's East Coast, which is one of his favorite down-the-line windsurfing playgrounds. "Monsoon" was also a good opportunity to show some archive footage of local musician and windsurfer Sega Huang performing at the legendary but now defunct live music venue the Dulan Sugar Factory (R.I.P). I guess this was a very personal pet project, meant more as a tribute than anything else. And thanks again Dad, for teaching me to love the wind. And Mom, who drove me to the lake and beach as a teenager, and loved a good pizza.
Narration: Michele Ruju,Howard Chang Alavaro Buba Trugeda, Joel Joel
Music: Baraka Kadafu (Gabriel Gras), U.F.A, Otaku 3, Alvaro Trugeda, Lukas Landa, Atoa

Mother Island 潮間共生 'Monsoon 季風' (trailer & 5 minute version)

One minute trailer and five minute version of 'Monsoon 季風' , made for the Taiwan East Coast Land Art Video Contest, in which it received the Gold Award.

Hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia, chef Michele Ruju loves two things passionately: pizza and windsurfing. Having spent over 30 years of his life on the Mediterranean island, Michele travels thousands of kilometers east and ends up on another island, Taiwan. He falls in love with the wild beauty of Taiwan’s east coast, attracted by the strong Monsoon winds which blow from October and bring powerful waves. The wind and waves are ideal for windsurfing. It is here on the Mother Island that Michele reignites his passion for pizza making, and is able to pursue his passion for windsurfing right on his doorstep.

As director I tried to show Michele’s cooking as a delicate and thoughtful art in itself . I wanted to attempt to document some of the intricacies which go into the making of handmade Italian pizza. While Michele is hard at work in his pizzeria, he daydreams about being out on the Pacific, pushed by the invisible force of the wind, a feeling which he describes as ‘a spell’. At the same time I wanted to showcase the rough beauty of the Mother Island’s ragged eastern coastline, which has been carved into its current majestic state by countless typhoons, monsoons and the waves that accompany them.

Archipelago: Track 6 - Atoa (5 minute teaser)

'Atoa' (literally 'Big Nose Man' in Taiwanese) will throw the spotlight on the foreigner cluster, especially the often misunderstood white male, who have made the east coast their home for specific reasons, and in many cases have put down solid roots and started families. Many of these 'atoa' are incredibly talented artists, musicians and surfers, but they are also tragically flawed, which can put them in bad light (since they often stand out) and cause resentment and sometimes even xenophobia from Taiwanese, who are generally very accepting of foreigners. In the full length feature I would like to show a more balanced view (the good, the bad and the ugly) of the cultural impact brought about by this recent migration.
This 5 minute teaser is for the the 6th chapter in the Archipelago series, which documents the connections between individuals (the islands) from diverse backgrounds who are part, either through birth or migration, of the diverse cultural community (the archipelago) which is thriving on Taiwan's east coast.

這個五分鐘的預告片是為「群島」第六曲拉開序幕,「群島」紀錄著這些來自不同背景的「個體」(島嶼)間連結。 他們是多元社會團體(群島)的一部分,有些出生在這裡,有些則是新住民,而這個社會團體正欣欣向榮的在台灣東部發展著。

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