Surfing The Typhoon Coast

September 19, 2017 Film, Surf, Water Sports Center


In mid September , Typhoon Talim bypassed Taiwan without a drop of rain and barely any wind, but delivered some decent swell. A couple of notorious points lit up and  did their thing. WaGaLiGong Studios was out there on one of the bigger days to document what was going on and film for the upcoming film ‘Atoa: Migrations’. Check out  the short teaser (2 versions) from Track 6 : Atoa – ‘Migrations’, the latest chapter from WaGaLiGong Studios in the Archipelago web series.  Starring Gabriel Gras as the Atoa (ie foreigner), surfer, musician and father. Track Six will focus on several ‘atoas‘ in Taiwan, their relationship with the island, and influences that they bring, positive or otherwise.  What the hell are they doing here?