Dulan Surf camp - Learn to surf in Dulan!

Surf lessons in a beautiful and safe environment. The mile long picturesque Dulan Beach is a great place to learn surfing. The waves are generally smaller and softer here, and the beach is mostly sand-bottom, making it the perfect place to learn. WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Camp offers classes for both first-timers and those who have some surf experience but want to improve their skills.

Beginner Lessons

#The best surfing 101 lesson you will ever receive. Covers all the surf basics AND helpful geography and safety fundamentals.
#Lessons are 3 hours long.
#We provide free transport to and from the beach.
#Lesson fee includes board rental and wetsuit/rashvest.
#We cover extensive ocean theory and safety.
#Beach session breaking down the fundamentals of ocean geography, efficient paddling, getting up and staying up.
#Shallow water session allows beginners to master foot placement and balance.
#Deep water session teaches advanced techniques for those who have mastered the shallow water techniques.
#Periodic reviews and troubleshooting

Intermediate Lessons

#Not a beginner? Want to improve your skills? Sign up for an advanced lesson!
#Reading waves, duck-diving, breath hold techniques for long hold-downs (Mark is an experienced freediver and spearfisherman).
#Surfing reefs vs rivermouths and beachbreaks.
#Lessons are 3 hours long.
#We provide free transport to and from the beach.
#Lesson fee includes board rental and wetsuit/rashvest.

Surf Lesson, from


  • 4 persons or more - NT$ 1400/person
  • 3 persons - NT$ 1500/person
  • 2 persons - NT$ 1600/person
  • 1 person (private) - NT$ 2000/person
  • includes board rental, wetsuit/rashvest & transport to and from beach
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Lesson reviews

What our students thought about us


李婉綾 (Taiwan)

Best place to learn surfing if you’re a beginner. Mark conducted the class with so much energy, and it made the class so much fun and informative! We even caught a few waves.

Definitely gonna remember everything he taught and keep on working on it. Thanks for everything Mark and Yong Yi! Thank you for introducing the world of surfing to me, definitely gonna be coming back for more!

Ch’ng Ze Liang (Malaysia)

We didn’t stay at Wagaligong hostel, only took surf classes, rented surf boards and hung out in their pub a couple of nights. The surf lessons were excellent, super informative for a beginner and very hands-on approach (we were catching easy waves very soon). Mark is incredibly energetic and fun, has a very clear way of explaining things to a newbie and it’s obvious he really loves surfing. Also Steve and Yong Yi were very helpful during the class. It’s thanks to them if I’ll keep on surfing!
As for the hostel/pub, it’s a very cool place to chill, they have cold beer, good music and board games (thumbs up for Cards against humanity!).
All in all, much recommended!

Nicola Baratella (Poland)

Super nice hostel! Friendly staff and chill atmosphere 🙂 I can recommend the tent at the rooftop! I also enjoyed the surf lesson of Mark, he is a great surf teacher. Would love to come back here one day!

Mirjam Quaak (Holland)

Amazing lesson with Mark and his wife! Such a lovely couple and really calming when teaching. Great energy too! Lots of fun, the beach is a hidden gem, just beautiful

Sarah Hadler (United Kingdom)

This review is solely about WaGaLiGong as a surf school. Located right on Dulan main street you can’t miss WaGaLiGong. My girlfriend and me stayed in Dulan for a week. She was surfing a few times and it was my first time surfing. We had a lesson with Mark which was very, very informative and also very entertaining. Mark is just a force of nature and he transcends love for surfing and the ocean. At first you’ll learn a lot about bathymetry, which honestly helped me so much in my ongoing surf adventure. My girlfriend never heard of it until Marks lesson. Other topics include Surf-Lingo, Surf-Community, winds and weather systems and of course practical surfing. The lessons never go beyond 6 or 7 people and you get shuttled down to the beach for 500NT$ (600 for a whole day). We also had the pleasure of surfing with the very mellow and passionate guest instructor Simon Chipper at the time, who also helped us a lot with just a few tips and details on technique. After a week in Dulan both of us, transitioned to hardboards and were catching unbroken waves in other spots in Taiwan. So all in all, if you plan on doing a surf lesson or if you want to get infos about the spot (all the people working at WaGaLiGong are very nice) in Dulan you should defintely check out WaGaLiGong. They really sparked the fire in me, brah…

Dennis Nos (Canada)

this is a good place for stay and surfing

Amber Yeh (China)

There are professional coaches and fun private attractions

王秋婷 (Taiwan)


BO Jhih Chen (Taiwan)

The bosses are very friendly and the environment is comfortable
The meals are delicious and the surfing is very professional.

鄭建雄 (Taiwan)

what a place for chill and surfing

Kenz Lim (Malaysia)

Having a nice surf lesson here!
It was my first time and it was fun, safe and very interesting with coach Mark and Yong-yi!
If you want to stay in Dulan for a few days, here will be a good choice, with a kitchen and a small refrigerator where you can cook if you want to.

Daisy Chiu (Taiwan)

I went there twice and had fun every time
The coach’s responsible explanation allows us to play safely

Sapphire Chang (Taiwan)

The teaching is vivid and easy to understand, and I have learned many surfing skills
Also very happy to communicate with everyone~~~~~

彭潔寧 (Taiwan)

Very chilled place full of nice international staff and relaxed atmosphere! Accomodation suitable for all range of travellers from humble backpackers to demanding couples or groups. Perfect place for surfers! Marc’s lessons are the best, very enthusiastic guy. Restaurant is also great, especially enjoyed the burger! Highly recommended

Tomáš Hruška (Czech Republic)

On my trip to taiwan, I decided to learn surfing with Mark, and I’m real glad I did. He is an amazing teacher, who is willing to do his best to try and make you succeed in learning to surf. Not only does he cares for your safety, he also takes the extra effort to relate with you and really puts his whole heart into teaching me how to surf. He is very knowledgable about surfing and is a professional at his work. So if anyone would like to learn surfing, he is the right person to go to learn surfing. Thanks Mark

Chen Hua-En (Singapore)

Awesome place to stay and learn to surf.
Even they offer delicious food:)

Seongsu Kim (South Korea)

Awesome~ Serious teacher, teaching very seriously
Self-help at sea must listen carefully!!!

蘇鈺傑 (Taiwan)

Visit the teacher once a year to surf! Came three times, one time than a serious teacher, why not push! Pizza is also delicious, of course, surfing to supplement physical strength.

Blair S. Lee (Taiwan)


Pin-Yu Wang (Taiwan)

Went for a beginners surf lesson and was not only learning proper techniques of surfing but Mark also taught us information but would help us become ‘thinking’ and safe surfers in the future! Be receptive to his instructions and you’ll be definitely getting a great intro to surfing!

Shauna Rome Chevrez (Singapore)

I had a surfing lesson with Mark and another visitor. It was my 3rd surfing lesson ever, but I found his emphasis on safety and understanding shoreline geography impressive. He really wants his students to know how to be safe and not become surfing casualties. He wants to make sure you feel comfortable enough in the sea waves so that you won’t panic – panic can cause more problems! I thought he was a really great teacher; understanding, patient, and encouraging.

Elissa Clumpner (United States)

Best surf lesson you can get in Taidong, or Taiwan! Mark was a fantastic teacher, take good care for us all the time, care about all the details and very patient. In the end of the class all of us can stand on board and surf few waves successfully. It was a very wonderful day!

Cindy Chang (Taiwan)

我喜歡Mark. 教練的課程,在教課程中會用輕鬆的方式讓你不緊張,同時在講解過程中也很仔細,一步一步帶著很快就學會衝浪!

<I like mark. Coach’s course, it will be easy for you to be relaxed in the course of teaching. At the same time, during the theory briefing, emphasis is on safety.>

Kira Shinn (Taiwan)

I only stayed two nights but I’ve decided I want to get back sometime. The people I met there were about 1/2 foreigners, 1/2 Taiwanese. I stayed in the Kaya room (thank goodness for a/c!) I didn’t feel well at one point and one of the workstay girls helped me buy medicine – all I had to do was ask! Pillows, a sheet, and blanket were provided, and I paid NT100 to rent a towel for my time there. I couldn’t stay longer but I hope to go back when it is not QUITE so hot, so I can enjoy the great location and WaGaLiGong waterman lessons/rental more.
I also really recommend the surf lesson with Mark – it was my 3rd lesson ever, and I found his emphasis on safety and comprehension of shoreline geography really helpful and important. Surfing can be dangerous and you need to know how to keep yourself safe! Thank you all!
p.s. Fellow pale people, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen……

Ellisa Clumpner (United States)

Pizza 非。常。好。吃!!

<Pizza Non. Often. Okay. Eat!!
Unique Flavours and real ingredients, there will be a chance for other flavors.
As for first-time learning surfers, coach training is very complete, from attention to water flow and how to avoid accidents, and to be patient with the actual practice at sea.
Thank you friend for the recommendation, let me know all the beautiful sea and hotel everyone.
Hopefully next year, there will be a chance to visit again >

Guagua Huang (Taiwan)

Great place to hang out in dulan and learn to surf! Verry social and has a nice bar and roof terrace.

Daniel Hoornweg (Holland)

Great place and outstanding surf lessons! Super friendly and helpful owners

Delphine Pilate (Belgium)

It’s only 2 days since I left and I already want to go back… All the staff is amazing… Location is great for surfing. Mark knows everything about surfing Taiwan, thanks for a great stay.

Peter Stroebech (Denmark)

Surfing lesson is very wholistic! The coach is very nice!
Surfing instruction is very complete, from basic personal safety to geographic environment and surfing skills, with a completeness of 300%. The coach is also very patient!

Sky Chan (Taiwan)

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