Party of the Century?

WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Hostel Taitung Taiwan
Surf x Skate Party


April 5th, 2019. No-one throws a party quite like WGLG does. The crew at Waga have thrown their fair share of parties over the years. The first Rooftop Indie Music & Film Festival will always be etched in my memory. As will when the Ape Apocalypse played and the police showed up at 9pm to shut us down and squash a riot. WaGaLiGong, known for its party antics, was asked to host the after party for the 2019 Surf X Skate.

The stars of the night had to be Outlet Drift. Their reputation as “Dulan’s Best Band” is well earned. They thrive on live performances and feed off the energy of a lively crowd. Not a band that you sit down to and take selfies with. This is 80s/90s era style rock ‘n roll fused with punk and post punk and their own aboriginal fusion thrown in.

Outlet Drift got the crowd going early. Then Otoa (punk) came on with an impromptu performance, with Aniu from Outlet Drift filling in on base. Otoa haven’t performed live in years. Luckily Mark remembered some of the lyrics. They belted out 3 songs, playing their hearts out. The skate/surf crowd was getting amped. Then it became a free for all as alcohol and energy lit the fuses and all these creative types came up and played a live jam of the century. The crowd morphed into a seething, organic being with a life of its own. It felt good to be alive, good to dance, and nobody had a care in the world. The party was alive. Was this Dulan’s party of the century?