Surf Dulan!

Thinking of visiting Taiwan's East Coast for uncrowded, warm water waves? Welcome to WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Camp! Over the past decade, Taiwan has slowly become become better known as a decent surf destination. Although a small hardcore surf scene has existed since the 80's, international recognition only began relatively recently, with the inclusion of an WSL one star event in 2010. Since then there has been a boost of international surf travel to Taiwan. Taiwan's waves are still relatively uncrowded, and if you're willing to explore you can find empty waves. The crowds seem to congregate at a few popular spots, but there are always empty spots nearby if you want to get away. WaGaLiGong is situated half-way between Taitung City (20 minutes) and Donghe (15 minutes). We offer free shuttles to our local beach (a 15 min walk/3 min drive) which has several spots: a fun beach break, a river mouth that comes to life in summer and a point break that breaks with bigger swell. There are also several 'secret' spots just around the corner. Stay with us and enjoy our free daily shuttles. The popular spots (Donghe and Jinzun) are just 15 minutes drive away.


#Warm water pretty much all year round. Take a look at the weather here.
#Cheap shuttles to Jinzun area on blown out days (not to be confused with our surf tours).
#Guided surf tours for those that want to explore further and more distant spots (Don't forget we offer FREE shuttles to our local spots if you rent boards from us).
>Surf lessons for beginners and advanced surf lessons for intermediates who want to improve their surfing techniques.(read our reviews - we take pride in our surf lessons).
#Really good range of surf rentals, from longboards to shortboards and grovelers/eggs/fishes.
#Scooters for rent, all with surf racks (but make sure you have an international license).
#A cool little surf shop that stocks everything you need for your surf trip, from wax to leashes and boardies/bikinis.
#Reasonably priced accommodation at our surfhostel. Check out our accommodation page for pics and prices. Our prices start at only NT$300!
#Great drinks at our downstairs bar.
#Hands down. The best. Rooftop terrace. In Dulan! Take a book and a beer and go chillaxing in a hammock on our rooftop terrace which has stunning views of the Green Island to the east and Dulan Mountain to the west.
#Water photography. If the current is not too strong, we can swim out and get that barrel photo!



  • Free shuttle to Dulan Beach, twice a day, there and back, if you rent a board from us.
  • If you have your own board and you are staying with us, you are welcome to hop on the shuttle.



  • NT$200 for renters (ie you rented a board from us)
  • NT$300 for non-renters (ie you have your own board)

half-day east coast tour, from


  • 4 persons: NT$ 1400/person
  • 3 persons: NT$1600/person
  • 2 persons: NT$1800/person
  • 1 person: NT$2000/person
  • 6:30am to 10:30am, OR 2pm to 6pm
  • includes van, driver, gas, spot checks, local knowledge
  • does not include board rental fee
  • popular and lesser-known spots
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Our surf videos

Some homemade moving pictures that we created

Thinking of visiting Taiwan for a surf trip? Look no further.

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