WaGaLiGong in Travelmag

January 28, 2019 Bar, Hostel, Media, Surf
Dulan beach (Photo: Ken Marshall via Flickr)


WaGaLiGong is honored to be featured in the accommodation section of prestigious Travelmag’s Dulan feature – ‘A Small Guide to Dulan’. Travelmag is an online travel magazine devoted to the independent traveller. It’s known for its in-depth features covering destinations both major and under-the-radar, with over 50 writers worldwide. According to Travelmag writer Isla Greenwood, ‘Dulan, a small coastal village located on the east side of Taiwan, is a welcome break from the smog filled cities of the west, and provides a sanctuary from the fast pace of city life. It is 20km north of Taitung and home to surfers, artists, travellers, old timers and the Ami, Taiwan’s largest indigenous community. It’s an eclectic scene and a great place to spend time.’

We couldn’t have said it any better. Take a look at the full article, here.

哇軋力共很榮幸可以被刊載在知名Travelmag網站-「都蘭指南」的特輯中Travelmag 是一個針對自助旅遊客為主的線上旅遊媒體,內容涵蓋包括知名景點、或者是當地秘境的深度探訪,並且在全球有約50位的編輯作者。