Magic, Music and Monsters

October 31, 2015 Events & Parties, Hostel
WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Hostel Taitung Taiwan
Halloween Show WaGaLiGong Surf Hostel


Join us for a night of magic, music and monsters at the WaGaliGong Halloween Show, this Saturday October 31st. The show stars magician Bryan Kelly and musician Alvaro Trugeda, bringing us magic in different mediums. Witness the bizarre and dangerous magical world of Bryan Kelly. This live performance from a master showman will make you question reality. Watch as he walks on broken glass, swallows needles, and tastes fire. Alvaro Trugeda needs no introduction. The king of flamenco and master of guitar will make magic with his music. Alvaro is also a very talented artist and skilled mentalist, making hearts flutter and exorcising dead souls from blocked ears with his own magical instruments – his guitar and voice. Please dress up in your scariest costumes and bring your families and children. Free drinks for kids! A prize will be awarded to the monster with best costume.Where: WaGaLiGong, Dulan 89.When: Saturday October 31st Time: 6 till 10pm.Please join us later for the world cup rugby final between Australia and New Zealand at 11pm!

10月31號星期六,不要錯過哇軋力共的萬聖節魔幻秀!很可能還會有怪獸出沒…. 在台灣及東南亞有過上百場演出的專業魔術師- Bryan Kelly,這次來到台東都蘭,要在哇軋力共帶給大家最奇異的、危險的體驗,千萬不要錯過他精彩的現場表演了! Alvaro Trugeda ,才華洋溢的西班牙藝術家,吉他加上他美好的歌聲,將會為這個萬聖夜增添更多佛朗明哥的魔力融化你。 請換上你最特別的裝扮,嚇人的、可愛的、無厘頭的都可以,小朋友入場都可以得到健康果汁一瓶喔!當天會選出萬聖節裝扮之王,並提供特別的獎品,所以一起來參加! 地點:都蘭89號 時間:10月31日 星期六 /晚上6點至10點 當天魔幻秀結束後,晚上11點也請留下來跟我們一起看世界盃橄欖球決賽 (澳洲vs紐西蘭)