Is This The Ape Apocalypse?

September 26, 2015 Events & Parties, Hostel
WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Hostel Taitung Taiwan
Ape Apocalypse – WaGaLiGong Roof Top Party 9/26 2015


APE APOCALYPSE IS HEADING YOUR WAY – CADAVER MISSING FROM KAOHSIUNG HOSPITAL. Mild panic has seized cities in south Taiwan after a bizarre incident on Monday September 22nd involving several members of a monkey troop. Two apes, one apparently disguised as nurse and patient, broke into a hospital in Kaohsiung, managing to by-pass security and staff. Although motives are still unclear, security cameras clearly show the apes stealing a cadaver awaiting autopsy from the coroner’s department. Hospital officials have refused to comment on the incident, raising questions as to how the alleged apes managed to outsmart strict security and bluff nurses. Banana peels and animal fur have been found on the scene. Military personnel have quarantined all hospital staff and patients, and government agencies in Taiwan are on yellow alert, the highest alert status since martial law ended in the late 80’s. Other ape sightings have also occurred in both Pingtung and Taitung counties. Animal experts are debating whether the incident is linked to recent attacks on tourists at other locations in southern Taiwan, Donghe in Taitung County in particular where several Chinese tourists were bitten after trying to feed monkeys some ‘rou bao’ (meat buns) at a popular monkey viewing spot. In related news farmers and hippies around Dulan, Taitung County, have reported sightings of apes on the foothills of Dulan Mountain. Eyewitness reports seem to confirm suspicions that apes island wide are migrating south, and seem to be drawn to Dulan in particular, with several hippies and tourists having their shoes (the tourists) and smart phones (the hippies) snatched. One eye-witness account described a particular band of apes dressed in orange jumpsuits. The man, a farmer, spotted four figures on his farm. “I saw several figures dressed in orange while I was cutting grass. On approaching the men they scattered into the bush. But they didn’t walk like humans..they moved more like monkeys than humans and they must have been wearing masks because their faces were black..(I) only glimpsed their faces but they were wearing masks (I’m) quite was the way they moved, monkey-like.. I will never forget..” Police are investigating and have set up free tetanus centers at several villages in case of bites and in fear of a rabies epidemic. In Dulan, a tetanus center has been set up at WaGaLiGong, Dulan 89. Locals and tourists alike, in town for the mid-autumn festival long weekend, are urged to immediately report any ape sightings and to get their anti-rabies shots. Meanwhile in Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties, police and animal experts are still searching for the missing cadaver.
– source: propaganda&slander


注意末日來臨!9月26日哇軋力共的屋頂派對持續進行中,有來自高雄的猿人部隊-末日之星、頑固大叔Pete還有Bulldog’s China一起Live演出。屋頂上有酒吧、清涼泳池、印度及其他美食,搭配小提琴、班卓琴還有電吉他加上一堆猴子把戲(就是這麼特別的組合),都蘭的中秋夜變得更搖滾、更好玩!9月26日中秋節,下午3點到晚上10點,歡迎來哇軋力共享受搖滾末日party! Beware the Apocalypse! WaGaLiGong’s Rooftop Party Series continues on Saturday the 26th September! Dulan will never be the same again, with Kaohsiung’s favorite monkey troop Ape Apocalypse performing live together with hillbilly rednecks Uncle Pete and the Bulldog’s China (as in your mum’s china tea set, not the country across the pond).

What to expect: a rooftop bar, chillax pool, Indian and other food on sale, apocalyptic tunes, free tetanus injections, violins, banjos and electric guitars, and tons of monkey business.
When: Saturday 26th September (Moon Festival), 3pm till 10pm.
Entrance: Free, just buy a drink.



And Dulan was never the same again…the Ape Apocalypse party was a resounding success for party goers and animal lovers on the night of September 26. Uncle Pete and the Bulldog’s China opened with their unique mix of bluegrass/hillbilly meets folk. Uncle Pete looked the part in his farmer john attire, and his son Balow stole the show with his drum solos. The Apes, amid rumours of autopsy theft and fueled by the recent media-driven panic concerning health issues (rabies in particular) finally arrived in a storm of apocalyptic mayhem, blowing speakers and eardrums, and destroying any expectations of what Apocalyptic Ape Rock should sound like. The audience looked apprehensive at times, not sure what to make of a band that refused to stand still (a rare sight in Taiwan), but after taking their Ape-bite antidote shots, several human observers seemed more willing to let loose and join The Apes in their world. Ape Apocalypse played several sets of energetic punk rock that eventually brought the police down at 9pm.. thus putting an abrupt end to all the monkey business. It was fun while it lasted. The end.