The Zombing (of Master Han Dan)

March 20, 2019 Culture, Film Studio


ATTENTION 緊急公告!!!: If, after watching ‘The Zombing“, you the viewer feel any strange symptoms, please contact us at WaGaLiGong and book some time away from the apocalypse.

It’s February 19th, 2019. Taiwan’s Lantern Festival is in full swing island-wide. But in Taitung, a small city on Taiwan’s East coast, things are about to get hotter..and stranger. 在今年的二月十九號也就是元宵節,在台灣東部一個小城市如火如荼的進行..事情變得有點奇怪了

A group of young redemption-seeking Taoist Han Dan’s prepare to get voluntarily burnt by firecrackers while riding the sacred sedan chair, with hundreds looking on. While photographic journalist Daniel Paiero documents the festival, local heroes, post-punk band Outlet Drift, take to the stage in the center of the city. The crowd, like blood-thirsty Romans at the colosseum, grows increasingly impatient and want to see Han Dans getting cooked alive. But when Outlet Drift starts their set, and the temple boys start playing with fire, the city loses control and all hell breaks loose. 有一群年輕的寒單爺,他們正準備自願上椅轎,在眾目睽睽下希望藉由鞭炮的洗禮被救贖。這一切都被一位攝影記者Daniel Paiero 的相機底下被記錄了下來.. 當大家都在各自準備著這個神聖的儀式的時候,當地龐克樂團漂流出口開始在城市中的舞台開唱,隨著音樂的起舞,所有的群眾像是在羅馬競技場中開始變得無比的焦躁,渴望看到椅轎上的年輕寒單被活活炸掉,廟宇的人們開始瘋狂的玩火,整個城市淪陷並失去控制…

Camera: Mark Jackson
Drone: Yong-yi Chen
Photographs: Daniel Paiero
Edit: Mark Jackson
Music: Lukas Landa "Joanne" 
       Outlet Drift "最大的年代"

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy session and should NOT be taken seriously (unless your zombie-like symptoms persist). 以上文字純屬虛構