Blondes vs Brunettes


Here is final result from Dutch film crew who spent a couple days with us at WaGaLiGong. The completed film is looking very lekker (Dutch for ‘great’). More than one year ago, Holland’s premier travel show Drie op Reis paid a visit to WaGaLiGong Surf Camp. And guess who won the blonde vs brunette battle? Watch the video to find out!

The Dutch might not be famous for surfing but they sure as hell know how to make a good travel show. And when the hottest celeb in Holland (apparently) comes knocking you best show her a good time. That’s exactly what WaGaLiGong did when Dutch travel show 3 op Reis” (Channel 3 Travels) came to cover our surf camp. WaGaLiGong’s SUP guide Yong-yi (the brunette), hosted and guided, showing the TV crew around the county’s beaches and beauty spots. Filming was quite exhausting, with many scenes having to be shot repeatedly to get the right take. The crew got to experience the WaGaLiGong SUP and surf lifestyle firsthand. They had a huge appetite for activity; stand up paddling up the beautiful Donghe river canyon, beach bonfires,  dawn patrol sunrise surfing at Dulan Beach, and all guided by Dulan’s natural beauty – Yong-yi. With filming complete and the director satisfied, we all ended up at a well-known local hot-pot restaurant to celebrate the end of the shoot. A great way to end the weekend with local food (they claimed it was their first time ever eating it) and good quantity of beer. Had a good laugh with Holland’s sexiest blonde – Geraldine (pictured above), Simon (the director), Marloes (manager), and Albert (cinematographer).

荷蘭人可能不是衝浪出名,但他們很會做旅遊節目。 而當荷蘭現在最火紅的主持人向你敲門的時候,你最好給她最好的! 所以當“3 op Reis” (Channel 3 Travels)旅遊頻道來到哇軋力共時我們當然要拿出我們的拿手菜。 哇軋力共SUP立槳教練詠億這次兼當在地導遊及SUP導覽,帶著節目團隊欣賞東海岸。 拍攝的過程不容易,取景和拍攝通常都要重複的進行直到完美。 節目團隊一起經驗了台灣東部立槳SUP,在東河橋下欣賞帝王石美景、日出衝浪,完全第一手的在地衝浪文化、以及海邊營火..全都是由都蘭自然美女詠億來帶領。 拍攝結束了,導演也滿足了後,最後以我們最台灣道地的火鍋餐廳做完美的結尾! 感謝荷蘭最火紅主持人Geraldine, 導演Simon, 超強助理Marloes, 電影級攝影師Albert. 期待看到即將在2019九月播出的節目,看看誰贏了白妞與黑妞的車拼? 很難說..