GT - WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf & SUP House & Bar 哇軋力共都蘭衝浪/立槳/酒吧 Taiwan Taitung Dulan


Co-founder, Surf Instructor & Filmmaker

WaGaLiGong’s co-founder, Mark grew up skateboarding and windsurfing in an inland town. As a kid he was pushed into team sports but always felt more comfortable on a board. After high school he spent time in London, made the skateboarding pilgrimage to California in the late nineties and returned to South Africa to study (completely the wrong thing) in a coastal town called Durban. The upside to school was that Mark, living across the road from the beach, was able to experiment with surfing for the first time, and windsurfing in the sea (as a kid it was all confined to lakes). After 5 years in Durbs Mark needed a change of scenery and made the move to Taiwan, teaching English and using Taiwan as a base to explore Asia. On arrival he embarked on an around-the-island-tour on a borrowed 50cc scooter and stumbled across Taitung. He immediately fell in love with the place, especially with its ocean, and with all the possibilities it presented. Two years later Mark was able to move south and eight years later started WaGaLiGong with Tienie Wessels. Mark runs the water sports department of WaGaLiGong and can often be found submerged in water doing one of the many sports he loves, from free-diving and spearfishing to surfing, SUPing and windsurfing. He’s always happy to share his passion with visitors.