Windsurfing in Taiwan

Asia's windsurfing secret

the beginnings

Growing up in an inland town in South Africa where most kids are pushed into team sports, Mark found himself drawn to two activities in particular; skateboarding because of its punk ethos and rebelliousness, and windsurfing because that's what his family did on Sundays and holidays. His father would pack them into the car (usually against their will), windsurfers on roof, and drive to the local lake for a day of braaiing (South African barbecue) and windsurfing. As a lightly built 12 year old Mark was way too tiny to even lift that heavy sail out of the water, and when he did the boom was always a foot higher than his head. He wanted to go skateboarding, but his dad insisted that he learned windsurfing. His dad's persistence eventually paid off and a few years later something changed. On one of his reluctant trips to the usually windless lake a storm came up and Mark got planing..for the first time in his life he experienced that windsurfing rush which still keeps him addicted to this day.

circa now

Forward twenty years later, and fortunately for him windsurfing in eastern Taiwan is quite epic. From October to April the north easterlies blow consistently several days a week, bringing the winter swells with them. Taitung is therefore ideal for both surfers and windsurfers alike: surf in the mornings and on the glassy days and windsurf when the surf gets blown out. We have several spots here, from points to beach breaks and reefs, all port tack. The local crew of windsurfers are friendly and welcoming to traveling windsurfers, and the breaks never get crowded.

At WaGaLiGong Surf Hostel we offer:

The wagaligong waterman academy

Tired of traveling with all your windsurf gear? Or maybe you prefer to be riding your own boards and sails. At WaGaLiGong we offer free storage space for windsurf and SUP equipment. As long as you stay with us, we are happy to store your gear free of charge until your next trip!

Board Rentals

-75l Quatro Levi Siver model
-84l Goya single fin
-98l RRD Wave-swallow

Sail Rentals

-4.5 Neil Pryde & Ezzy
-4.7 Hot Sails
-5.0 Naish Force
-6.5 Ezzy


-Only available during summer months - weather permitting.
-One-on-one tuition.
-Windsurf lessons on flat water.
-Board and sail provided.
-Basic wind knowledge.
-Tacking and gybing.


-Introduction to wave sailing.
-How to get out through surf.
-Catching your first wave.
-Breaking down the forward loop into manageable steps.


-Downwinders, ranging from 4km to 10km.
-Guide services to secret spots (check out the half and full day tours below)
-Local knowledge!

windsurf introductory lesson


  • one-on-one instruction only
  • includes board, rig and transport to the beach
  • learn to rig a sail and control the wind
  • only available during summer months - weather permitting

windsurf rental - board&rig


  • boards and rigs can be rented separately
  • board only: NT$1000/day
  • rig only:NT$1000/day

windsurf half-day tours (4 hours)


  • includes van, driver, gas, spot checks, local knowledge
  • usually during mid-day, when wind is strongest
  • talk to Mark about downwinders and forward loop/wave riding clinics

windsurf full-day tours (8 hours)


  • includes van, driver, gas, spot checks, local knowledge
  • can be merged with surf tour, eg surf morning, windsurf noon, and surf again at dusk
  • talk to Mark about downwinders and forward loop/wave riding clinics
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