Surfing in Taiwan

Uncrowded world class waves

Taiwan has become known as Asia's little secret..although a small hardcore surf scene has existed since the 80's, international recognition only began relatively recently, with the inclusion of an WSL one star event in 2010. Since then there has been a boost of international surf travel to Taiwan, although still nothing compared to meccas like Bali (Indonesia) and Cloud 9 (Philippines). Taiwan's waves are still relatively uncrowded, and if you're willing to explore you can find empty waves. The crowds seem to congregate at a few specific spots, partly because they are generally more consistent but also partly because most people go in where they see others surfing, and these spots are more visible/accessible from Highway 11. WaGaLiGong is situated half-way between Taitung City and Donghe. We offer free shuttles to our local beach (a 15 min walk) which has several spots: a fun beach break, a river mouth that comes to life in summer and a point break that breaks with bigger swell. There are also several 'secret' spots just around the corner. Stay with us and enjoy our free daily shuttles. The popular spots (Donghe and Jinzun) are just 15 minutes drive away. We offer cheap shuttles to the Jinzun area on blown-out, windy days. For a taste of our waves check out our Sessions video series, filmed in house by WaGaLiGong.


Sessions - Sólido Líquido. Solid & liquid. Surfing and skateboarding. Sick waves with surfers Gabriel Gras, Tim Koens, Chewie and myself.

Dulan Surf Camp

Take advantage of our FREE daily shuttles to Dulan Beach every day, twice a day. More details below.

On blown-out days, we do daily shuttles to Jinzun area beaches. More details below.

A proper, genuine surf tour. The real deal. Check out multiples spots all the way up the east coast, spots that you wouldn't find traveling alone. From Dulan to Hualien County boundary area. This is NOT a shuttle, but a SURF TOUR. Scroll down below for more details.



  • Free shuttle to Dulan Beach, twice a day, there and back, if you rent a board from us.
  • If you have your own board, and the shuttle has passengers, you are welcome to join us.

JINZUN SHUTTLE (for renters)


  • During the winter, when Dulan Beach is sometimes blown out, we offer cheap shuttles to and from the Jinzun Harbor area. Just add NT$200 to the price of your board.



  • If you didn't rent from us (ie you have your own board).
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half-day east coast tour (1 person - price/person)


  • 6:30am to 10:30am, OR 2pm to 6pm
  • includes van, driver, gas, spot checks, local knowledge
  • does not include board rental fee
  • popular and lesser-known spots
  • NT$4000/full day

half-day east coast tour (2 personS - price/person)


  • NT$3600/full day

half-day east coast tour (3 persons - price/person)


  • NT$3200/full day

half-day east coast tour(4 persons - price/person)


  • NT$2800/full day

half-day east coast tour (5 persons - price/person)


  • NT$2400/full day


Call Mark and book a surf tour now (0913481392) or

send us a booking request by mail