Windsurfing in Taiwan

Asia's windsurfing secret

Planning a windsurf trip to Taiwan? Want to windsurf in quality waves?

Windsurfing in eastern Taiwan is quite epic. From October to April the north easterlies blow consistently several days a week, bringing the winter swells with them. Taitung is therefore ideal for both surfers and windsurfers alike: surf in the mornings and on the glassy days and windsurf when the surf gets blown out. We have several spots here, from points to beach breaks and reefs, all port tack. The local crew of windsurfers are friendly and welcoming to traveling windsurfers, and the breaks never get crowded.

At WaGaLiGong Dulan Surf Camp we offer:

Free gear storage, board & sail rentals, lessons and tours.

Gear storage


  • Tired of traveling with all your windsurf gear?
  • Free storage space for windsurf equipment
  • As long as you stay with us, we are happy to store your gear free of charge until your next trip!

rental: gear only - board & rig


  • 1 to 2 day rental board&rig: NT$1600/day
  • 3 to 4 day rental board&rig: NT$1500/day
  • 5 to 6 day rental board&rig: NT$1400/day
  • Does not include transport to spots (except Dulan Beach)
  • Boards and rigs can be rented separately
  • Board only: NT$800/day
  • Rig only:NT$800/day

tours: gear and transport (4 hours)


  • 1 to 2 day tour: NT$2000/session
  • 3 to 4 day tour: NT$1900/session
  • 5 to 6 day tour: NT$1800/session
  • Includes board, rig, wetsuit, harness, transport to best spot
  • -Downwinders, ranging from 4km to 10km.
  • -Guide services to secret spots (check out the half day tours below)
  • -Local knowledge!

Sail rentals


  • -4.0 Goya Guru
  • -4.5 Goya Guru
  • -4.5 GA Manic HD
  • -5.0 Goya Eclipse
  • -4.5 Ezzy Wave Panther
  • -4.7 Hot Sails Maui
  • -5.0 Naish Force

introductory lesson


  • One-on-one instruction only
  • Includes board, rig and transport to the beach
  • Learn to rig a sail and control the wind
  • Only available during summer months - weather permitting

advanced lesson


  • NT$2000/person for one person
  • NT$1800/person if 2 persons
  • Includes board, rig, wetsuit, harness, transport to best spot
  • Maximum 2 persons
  • Students will learn:
  • -Introduction to wave sailing.
  • -How to get out through surf.
  • -Catching your first wave.
  • -Breaking down the forward loop into manageable steps.

Windsurf Boards


  • NT$800/day
  • 1)Goya Brawzinio Quad: 78liters
  • 2)Quatro Thruster: 82liters
  • 3)Goya Single Fin: 84liters
  • 4)Starboard IQ Quad: 87liters
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  • NT$600/day
  • 1)Quatro Single Fin :85liters
  • 2)Quatro KT Single Fin: 83liters
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The Taitung Wave Classic

The tribe is calling! Since 2015 we have been hosting the iconic Taitung Wave Classics. Always run over November to ensure the best wind and waves, the Wave Classics are run in a wave jam format (not as a contest), with a month-long waiting period, roaming venue and uber casual atmosphere. Teams from all over the world are welcome to join us in our windiest month here on Taiwan's east coast. As always the wave jams would not be complete without regular gatherings and the event closing braai ( South African BBQ) hosted by WaGaLiGong!

7 things you should know about the Taitung Wave Classic

1) It's not a competition, it's a jam! So don't expect any prizes or podium finishes. At most you'll earn a few beers and loads of stories to share with your mates.
2) Entrance: It's free! Just bring your gear (we have limited rental gear) and beer money.
3) It's not just for pro wave sailors: In fact the idea of the wave jam sprung from getting flat water sailors into the waves. If you can waterstart and plane on a 4.5 you should be here!
4) It's month-long so that more people can join! We know you all have jobs, kids and other stuff going on, so this way there is more likelihood that you can come when the forecast(s) look good.
5) It's a roaming venue, meaning we choose the best spot for the day. If it's mast and a half high we probably won't be breaking masts at Donghe river mouth, but rather sailing mellow logo-high sets at Dulan. We pick the best spot for the conditions on that day!
6)It isn't mast high every day; in fact mast high is the exception. Most people think it's going to be huge but actually we have more small and medium wave days than big wave days in November.
7)It's purely for fun! The windsurfing tribe is small and needs to get together once in a while to celebrate what we do. We always try to include a downwinder, an opening party at Cape Cafe and closing BBQ at WaGaLiGong in Dulan.

Feeling like having the best windsurf trip ever?

Come windsurf with us!