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Explore Taiwan's East Coast from a different perspective!

Most people cycle along Taiwan's East Coast..some even walk it. Now you can paddle the coast and see it from an entirely different and unique perspective! At Wagaligong we offer custom-made tours that cater to every level of paddler, from lessons and short introductory tours to open water cruises and long distance crossings.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Taiwan

If surfing in Taiwan is still a teenager, then the sport of stand up paddle is a newborn. Taiwan's east coast is made for stand up paddling (SUP), with points, coves and bays littering the coast. There are actually far more waves suitable for paddle surfing than there are for traditional surfing, meaning that there are far more empty waves to be had on a SUP. Some of these breaks are just hard to get to, whilst others are just too soft and 'mushy' for shorter boards. Add to that the cruising and long distance potential of the east coast, from point to point, town to town, and of course downwinders, and you have a paradise for stand up paddlers.

SUP Rental/3hours (Truewave soft-tops)


  • NT$800/3hours
  • NT$1000/day
  • Includes board, paddle, leash
  • Soft-tops perfect for first-timers and beginners.



  • NT$1000/3hours
  • NT$1500/day
  • Includes board, paddle, leash
  • Fanatic: Great board for heavier riders, and those wanting to improve in waves.
  • Starboard: Great board for lighter/more experienced riders who are already proficient in waves.

SUP lesson/tour - 1 person - price/person


  • 2 persons - price/person: NT$ 1700
  • 3 persons & up - price/person: NT$ 1600
  • Includes board, paddle, life-vest, wetsuit
  • Transport to and from beach
  • Lesson/Tour duration is 3 hours

SUP Surfing Lesson - price/person


  • We only offer one-on-one lessons!
  • Includes board, paddle, wetsuit
  • Transport to and from beach
  • Lesson duration is 3 hours
  • Learn how to ride waves on a SUP!
  • Students should already be proficient at SUPing on flat water.

Stand Up Paddle TOURs INFO

Pick the tour that suits your skill level!

  • All tours are open ocean (see photo gallery) and can be custom made to suit your level:
  • Reggae Beach Tour: Level - Beginner
  • Sandyuan Tour: Level - Beginner
  • Dulan Cape Tour: Level - Beginner
  • Dulan Cliffs Tour (approx 3km) Level - Intermediate
  • Reggae Beach to Dulan Tour (approx 5km) Level - Intermediate
  • Reggae Beach to Sandyuan Tour (approx 6km) Level - Intermediate/Expert
  • Dulan to Sandyuan Beach (approx 8km) Level - Intermediate/Expert

What our paddlers thought of us


李婉綾 (Taiwan)

老闆 老闆娘都很熱情,價格公道,服務滿分
下次想試試SUP板, 希望能快點再找你們玩~

Fang Kuei Wu (Taiwan)

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