Art, music, film, magic, drama - at WaGaLiGong we embrace everything, even country music, drum circles and trance. We love showcasing both independant and more well known artists in just about any medium, whether it be a painter, a band or a stage troupe. Our rooftop, with brilliant views of mountain and sea has become the venue for the WaGaLiGong RoofTop Party Series, held roughly every month or two.

Maudie Brown: A Taste of Africa - Exhibition opening June 25th, 2016

A showcase of art from Africa and Taiwan by South African artist Maudie Brown. Sounds: "Baraka Kadafu" - Brazilian folk meets Ami's vibes. Taste: South African traditional style 'braai" (BBQ). Watch: Live rugby on the big screen - South Africa vs Ireland @23:00 (3rd time lucky?).

南非藝術家Maudie Brown的畫展:非洲與台灣的融合 音樂:當巴西民謠遇上阿美族 食物:南非傳統烤肉 節目:晚上11點大螢幕直播,英式橄欖球,南非對上愛爾蘭

The 2015 Taitung Wave Classic - Nov 22nd to 29th

Maudie Brown: Naturally Creative - November 21st till December 31st, 2015

Maudie Brown 是一位知名畫家,擅長肖像畫,畫風大膽而且充滿張力。繪畫素材以油彩和壓克力顏料為主,用色鮮明強烈,筆觸隨興所至。她的肖像畫作品清楚傳達畫中人物的個性和情感。受到居住環境克拉哈利沙漠的影響,她的畫作時常以探索非洲住民的文化為主題。藝術對她來說,是一種描述非洲大地原始之美的方式。「我想要在作品當中創造一個真實空間,並且在這個空間加上層層交疊的色彩,來挑戰觀畫人對空間的視覺感官。這是一種控制與自由、放縱與紀律之間的平衡。」 「我深受非洲文化和色彩的影響。非洲每一種事物的色彩都是鮮明艷麗,我想要把這種衝擊的體驗表達在我的畫作當中。」

the colours and cultures of africa

Maudie Brown is a South African painter known for her powerful and bold portraits. She is currently based in Taipei. She works in both oils and acrylics, often with vivid colors and strong, spontaneous brushstrokes. Her portraits are known to convey character and strong emotions. Influenced by the Kalahari Desert where she grew up, her work often explores the theme of indigenous cultures and the people of Africa. To her art is a way to portray the raw beauty of the world she lives in. "I'm interested in creating realistic space, yet adding flat fields of color to breakdown how the viewer sees that space. It is a balance of control and freedom, discipline and play. I'm influenced by the colors and culture of Africa. Everything there is so vivid and colorful. I try to express that explosiveness in my paintings.”

cell: +886 909 083 464


The WaGaLiGong Halloween Show - October 31st, 2015

magic, music and monsters

Join us for a night of magic, music and monsters at the WaGaliGong Halloween Show, this Saturday October 31st. The show stars magician Bryan Kelly and musician Alvaro Trugeda, bringing us magic in different mediums. Witness the bizarre and dangerous magical world of Bryan Kelly. This live performance from a master showman will make you question reality. Watch as he walks on broken glass, swallows needles, and tastes fire. Alvaro Trugeda needs no introduction. The king of flamenco and master of guitar will make magic with his music. Alvaro is also a very talented artist and skilled mentalist, making hearts flutter and exorcising dead souls from blocked ears with his own magical instruments - his guitar and voice. Please dress up in your scariest costumes and bring your families and children. Free drinks for kids! A prize will be awarded to the monster with best costume. Where: WaGaLiGong, Dulan 89 When: Saturday October 31st Time: 6 till 10pm Please join us later for the world cup rugby final between Australia and New Zealand at 11pm!

10月31號星期六,不要錯過哇軋力共的萬聖節魔幻秀!很可能還會有怪獸出沒.... 在台灣及東南亞有過上百場演出的專業魔術師- Bryan Kelly,這次來到台東都蘭,要在哇軋力共帶給大家最奇異的、危險的體驗,千萬不要錯過他精彩的現場表演了! Alvaro Trugeda ,才華洋溢的西班牙藝術家,吉他加上他美好的歌聲,將會為這個萬聖夜增添更多佛朗明哥的魔力融化你。 請換上你最特別的裝扮,嚇人的、可愛的、無厘頭的都可以,小朋友入場都可以得到健康果汁一瓶喔!當天會選出萬聖節裝扮之王,並提供特別的獎品,所以一起來參加! 地點:都蘭89號 時間:10月31日 星期六 /晚上6點至10點 當天魔幻秀結束後,晚上11點也請留下來跟我們一起看世界盃橄欖球決賽 (澳洲vs紐西蘭)!

ape apocalypse party - september 26, 2015


注意末日來臨!9月26日哇軋力共的屋頂派對持續進行中,有來自高雄的猿人部隊-末日之星、頑固大叔Pete還有Bulldog's China一起Live演出。屋頂上有酒吧、清涼泳池、印度及其他美食,搭配小提琴、班卓琴還有電吉他加上一堆猴子把戲(就是這麼特別的組合),都蘭的中秋夜變得更搖滾、更好玩!9月26日中秋節,下午3點到晚上10點,歡迎來哇軋力共享受搖滾末日party! Beware the Apocalypse! WaGaLiGong's Rooftop Party Series continues on Saturday the 26th September! Dulan will never be the same again, with Kaohsiung's favorite monkey troop Ape Apocalypse performing live together with hillbilly rednecks Uncle Pete and the Bulldog's china (as in your mum's china tea set, not the country across the pond). What to expect: a rooftop bar, chillax pool, Indian and other food on sale, apocalyptic tunes, free tetanus injections, violins, banjos and electric guitars, and tons of monkey business. When: Saturday 26th September (Moon Festival), 3pm till 10pm. Entrance: Free, just buy a drink. JOIN THE APOCALYPSE! JOIN THE PARTY!

Post Apocalypse

And Dulan was never the same again...the Ape Apocalypse party was a resounding success for party goers and animal lovers on the night of September 26. Uncle Pete and the Bulldog's china opened with their unique mix of bluegrass/hillbilly meets folk. Uncle Pete looked the part in his farmer john attire, and his son Balow stole the show with his drum solos. The Apes, amid rumours of autopsy theft and fueled by the recent media-driven panic concerning health issues (rabies in particular) finally arrived in a storm of apocalyptic mayhem, blowing speakers and eardrums, and destroying any expectations of what Apocalyptic Ape Rock should sound like. The audience looked apprehensive at times, not sure what to make of a band that refused to stand still (a rare sight in Taiwan), but after taking their Ape-bite antedote shots, several human observers seemed more willing to let loose and join the apes in their world. Ape Apocalypse played several sets of energetic punk rock that eventually brought the police down at 9pm.. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for news of the next WaGaLiGong Rooftop Party coming this October!

Video footage shows apes stealing corpse - is this the Ape Apocalypse?

APE APOCALYPSE IS HEADING YOUR WAY - CADAVER MISSING FROM KAOHSIUNG HOSPITAL. Mild panic has seized cities in south Taiwan after a bizarre incident on Monday September 22nd involving several members of a monkey troop. Two apes, one apparently disguised as nurse and patient, broke into a hospital in Kaohsiung, managing to by-pass security and staff. Although motives are still unclear, security cameras clearly show the apes stealing a cadaver awaiting autopsy from the coroner's department. Hospital officials have refused to comment on the incident, raising questions as to how the alleged apes managed to outsmart strict security and bluff nurses. Banana peels and animal fur have been found on the scene. Military personnel have quarantined all hospital staff and patients, and government agencies in Taiwan are on yellow alert, the highest alert status since martial law ended in the late 80's. Other ape sightings have also occurred in both Pingtung and Taitung counties. Animal experts are debating whether the incident is linked to recent attacks on tourists at other locations in southern Taiwan, Donghe in Taitung County in particular where several Chinese tourists were bitten after trying to feed monkeys some 'rou bao' (meat buns) at a popular monkey viewing spot. In related news farmers and hippies around Dulan, Taitung County, have reported sightings of apes on the foothills of Dulan Mountain. Eyewitness reports seem to confirm suspicions that apes island wide are migrating south, and seem to be drawn to Dulan in particular, with several hippies and tourists having their shoes (the tourists) and smart phones (the hippies) snatched. One eye-witness account described a particular band of apes dressed in orange jumpsuits. The man, a farmer, spotted four figures on his farm. "I saw several figures dressed in orange while I was cutting grass. On approaching the men they scattered into the bush. But they didn't walk like humans..they moved more like monkeys than humans and they must have been wearing masks because their faces were black..(I) only glimpsed their faces but they were wearing masks (I'm) quite was the way they moved, monkey-like.. I will never forget.." Police are investigating and have set up free tetanus centers at several villages in case of bites and in fear of a rabies epidemic. In Dulan, a tetanus center has been set up at WagaLiGong, Dulan 89. Locals and tourists alike, in town for the mid-autumn festival long weekend, are urged to immediately report any ape sightings and to get their anti-rabies shots. Meanwhile in Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties, police and animal experts are still searching for the missing cadaver. - source: propaganda&slander

Rock the Rooftops Party - August 29th, 2015

The Return of the Rooftop!

睽違兩年,哇軋力共的頂樓party回來了!這個星期六(8/29)快來跟我們一起一邊聽著Live band、跟著DJ音樂跳舞,一邊享用冰涼啤酒和美食,泡在泳池裡,再加上遼闊的美麗海景與山景,夏天尾聲最好玩的party就在哇軋力共等你來參與!不要錯過囉! After a two year hiatus, WaGaLiGong in Dulan is ready to rock the rooftops again, this Saturday, 29th of August! Join us for live bands, a live DJ, cold beer, food and a chill out pool with beautiful sea and mountain views! The perfect way to end the summer. Don't miss this!

So what did you miss ?

上個星期六沒有來參加的你錯過3個band的超棒表演,Live DJ,舒服的泳池,冰涼啤酒和好吃BBQ啊!那晚所有的人都很開心,沒有來的你記得下次不要再錯過哇軋力共每月的屋頂派對了!9月26號中秋長假,我們屋頂party上見! So what did you miss last Saturday, August 29? Three bands, a live Dj, chill out-pool, cold beer and barbecue. Good times were had by all that night, a healthy amount of beer was consumed and the music was quality. So make sure you don't miss the next episode in our WaGaLiGong Monthly Rooftop Party Series happening this month, Saturday, September 26 (it's a long weekend so no excuses)! For details on our next party keep following us on facebook.

Lukas Landa - April 18th, 2015

Food X Creative Party Tour - October 11th, 2014

<東海岸美食X創作趴 第一站> 東海岸是許多藝術創作者的生活圈 在集結了畫家/導演/DJ...等外國藝術家的創作後 我們讓美食來串連一場又一場的創意交流趴 第一站就從都蘭的哇軋力共開始吧! 時間: 10/11(六) 地點: wagaligong 哇軋力共 都蘭村89號 089-530373 生活創作展 10/11~11/14 (藝術家Tim) 15:00 開始 17:00 創作生活故事分享會(畫作/影音的沙龍講座) 18:00 藝術家Tim的美酒+美食分享體驗 19:00 一筆完成人像畫 (藝術家Tim) 美酒+食體驗 NT$100/份 一筆完成人像畫NT$200/人 現場並提供BBQ和比利時啤酒單點 23:00 影像播放: Archipelago part 3 (導演:Mark Jackson) First stop of the East Coast Creative Tour is at WaGaLiGong 哇軋力共. Number 89 of the 'Dulan strip' on Taitung's highway 11. An exhibition of original oil paintings by British artist Timothy Nathan Joel. Opening party - Saturday October 11th from 3pm onwards. At 5pm there will be a presentation featuring works by artist Joel Joel . A screening of Archipelago track 3 by Mark Jackson will be shown at the end of the night .Cocktails and other drinks will be available all evening. A South African flavours BBQ and 'Cheese, wine and salads' tasting table will be happening for guests to enjoy. Cool tunes provided by Tienie Wessels and a mix of good company promise a fun night of many talents. So come join us in the sunny south for the 10/10 weekend.

The Rooftop indie film and music fest. "影片.音樂.屋頂派對" - Saturday 14th september, 2013

short and sweet

Join us at WaGaLiGong on Sat the 14th of September for the 'Rooftop indie film and music fest' . The theme is 'short and sweet': short sets by a variety of musicians and 2 short indie films (directors Sam Wild and Mark Jackson). Starts at 5pm, on the roof of Wagaligong, Dulan #89. Entrance is free just buy a drink. Bring your beach/deck chair if possible (seating may be limited). Support local original music and don't miss this event!! 哇軋力共在9/14號禮拜六,舉辦”影片,音樂,屋頂派對” 派對中播放兩部自製影片(製片者:Sam Wild,Mark Jackson) 還有當地和外國音樂家現場表演! 地點: 哇軋力共的三樓陽台(都蘭89號) 時間: 下午5點 免收入場費,低消一杯飲料 趕快帶著你的椅子,來參加我們的“影片,音樂,屋頂派對”吧!!!(如果還有地方坐的話....) 請支持當地原創音樂!!不要錯過這次趴踢喔!錯過就要再等明年啦!