About WaGaLiGong Waterman

Be on the water 360 days a year, no matter what the conditions

WaGaLiGong Waterman is not just a surf school. It's an ocean academy that encourages multiple activities, because the ocean is always changing and different sports suit different conditions. On glassy days, windy days, flat days, huge stormy days, we are in the water doing something. Our surf school offers holistic surf lessons with big emphasis on ocean safety and theory. Experienced surf coach Mark believes that there is a lot more to surf coaching than pushing people into waves. If it's flat and you'd like to explore Dulan's beautiful coastline, sign up for a WaGaLiGong SUP (Stand Up Paddle) tour with Yong-yi. The SUP tours are Taitung's first and most established and can be customized to suit fitness (and fear!) levels of different paddlers. She also has an optional supplement to her tour - floating yoga one mile out to sea! In fall and winter when the monsoon winds howl down the east coast, intermediate windsurfers can learn to ride waves, jump, and even try looping with Mark. Mark has been windsurfing this coastline for 10 years and loves guiding visiting windsurfers. One of Mark's favorite tours for experienced windsurfers only is the downwinder from either Singchang to Dulan (4km) or Donghe to Dulan(10km). When the wind is light we also offer beginner windsurf and sailing lessons with Federico at our friends and watersports partners Cape Cafe (5 minutes from WaGaLiGong) . Fede is a patient and experienced sailor and coach who will teach you wind theory and the dynamics of sailing both sailboards and small sailboats. For those who just want to experience sailing, Fede also offers guided sailing tours from Cape Cafe, and on windless days you can also rent a kayak and go exploring.